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About Client Niche | Corporate gift & promotional Souvenir items in Lagos, Nigeria

Client Niche sells Corporate gift & promotional Souvenir items in Lagos, Nigeria that helps companies build good customer relationship & retention

Branded items gives us the opportunity to work with your business in determining the most appropriate giveaways. We will work with your team to propose and agree on the right giveaways that will be appreciated by your customers, while enhancing brand recognition and market awareness. We have a pool of rare Corporate gift & promotional Souvenir items in Lagos, Nigeria that can be imprinted with the company name, logo, picture or message designed to increase brand awareness among consumers.

Based on feedback from our existing customers, Promotional products are incredibly powerful marketing tool that enables any brand to connect with consumers by engaging their senses. Our choice of promo items is based on careful selection from our pool of items and we also do custom design of items based on your existing brand

We love to see your company standout amongst your competitors.

Client Niche Values

Our Vision

Our vision is to be the number 1 outsourced customer relationship and Retention Company in Africa enhancing business growth of our clients.

What we do?

We provide outsourced customer relationship and retention service which allows our clients to focus on their core business.

How we think

We believe with our experience that the art of gift and appreciation is part of the keys to success in any business globally.

Who we serve

ClientNiche provides our unique services to companies, governments and individuals.

Client Niche Brands




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Client Niche Rewards

So, it is important to know that customers are smarter than before now, they now understand the difference between customer service and customer experience. Making a customer feel loved and appreciated for all their contributions towards your company’s growth either for the year or month , is a great way to reward a customer and have the customer loyalty. This subscription service is used by our clients to reward and appreciate their staff and customers. This package covers staff of the month, best employees, best customer of the month etc.

We understand the first key to any organization success is the success of its employees. We hope you understand that too. An appreciated employee or customer is likely to remain loyal to your business than the other individual who hardly gets recognized.

We offer worldwide shipping, custom services and secure shopping experience.

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