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Clydesdale ponies are used for draft, not having operating

dominance* (DAHM in ins) n. dealing with or being in control; authority • Regarding the ninety% of all the anybody tell you dominance of the right-hand. • Into the an ego regarding lions, prominence often is exhibited of the biggest male member of one’s group. dominant (DAHM inside uhnt) adj. exercising expert otherwise influence; ruling; prevailing; controlling • Even though it was an almost phone call, this new prominent governmental group inside twentieth-millennium You.S. presidential government was Republican. • This new prominent grape assortment regarding the Bordeaux region of France try the cabernet sauvignon. • The fresh York Yankees is the dominating top-notch basketball team out-of all-time. [Syn. preeminent]

donation (doh NAY shin) n. step 1. the latest operate away from offering; dos. a present or contribution so you’re able to a charity • Donations from practical attire will always be of good use. • Maribel makes a contribution on the Lung Association. • Donations into the February off Dimes resulted in a good vaccine having polio. [Syn. present]

draft (DRAFT) n. 1. a drawing or move from a car or stream; 2. a consuming of water on the mouth area; drinking; step 3. a crude otherwise original design out of a graphic or a piece out of creating; 4. an air most recent in a bedroom; 5. the brand new choosing of individuals for the majority specific objective -vt. to-do some of the a lot best hookup bars in Portland more than -adj. used in the more than • • • • •

Shakespeare had written drafts of all their plays, repeatedly

Nora grabbed a great draft of the girl glass from sources beer. Could you be good draft in the right here? George replied his party’s draft to perform getting office. [-ed, -ing; draught, United kingdom spelling]

drub (DRUHB) vt. 1. to beat, just as in a stick or pub; thrash; dos. so you’re able to defeat soundly into the a combat, contest, etc. • The fresh tried-and-genuine way of clean a carpet throughout the nineteenth 100 years is to hang they more a rope and you will drub it with all of your you are going to. • The fresh Mets received an eight-to-you to drubbing from the Braves. [-bed, -bing] [Syn. thrash]

duplicity (doo PLIS we tee) letter. double-dealing; hypocritical imaginative otherwise deception • The fresh new Greek army were able to need Troy by the duplicity away from covering up soldiers regarding sculpture regarding a pony. • Extremely dictators stay in strength by way of duplicity, and also make their someone faith these include doing except that he or she is. [duplicitous adj., duplicitously adv.]

Elizabeth eccentric* (ek SEN trik) adj

dwelling (DWEL ing) n. residence; house; residency • Some Native Americans lived in cliff dwellings. • Of a lot southwest dwellings are produced from adobe-a type of clay readily available around.

Short Comment #31 Match the phrase out of column dos into the keyword out-of line step 1 meaning really almost a similar thing. step 1. divisive

1. devoid of a comparable center; 2. nearly rounded in shape or activity; step three. deviating on norm, as with decisions; odd; strange • If a person circle is actually removed into the another and are generally not concentric, they have to be peculiar. • A football is from an eccentric profile. • Unless individual that gowns inside a red wig which have complimentary suspenders and you will oversized sneakers is good clown, he/she must be named more than a section eccentric. contemporary (ek LEK tik) adj. step one. obtained from certain supply, systems, or doctrines; dos. composed of content gained off a variety of source, solutions, etcetera. • A beneficial historian collects their particular pointers from contemporary present instead of just that. • Contemporary is the best possible way to spell it out the earliest machines, which were made of machine hoses and several condensers and resistors. ecological* (ek uh LAH ji kl) adj. having to do with the affairs anywhere between life style one thing and their ecosystem or a certain system and its particular environment • The fresh new plant life and dogs you to are now living in and you will to a lake keeps their own intertwined environmental subsystem. • Metropolitan sprawl’s environment feeling might be obviously seen in the latest visibility out-of deer and you can bears for the suburban streets. monetary (ek uh NAH mik) adj. step one. writing on the management of income, costs, etcetera. out-of a family, organization, area, or authorities; dos. concerning the creation, delivery, and you will use of wealth; 3. concerned with the material need of individuals; -pl. the fresh new societal research that is concerned about new before • The economical better-getting from their particular family is a primary matter in order to your head of every nearest and dearest. • New indicator out of monetary indications give a training of how well the nation’s savings is doing. • Man’s chief monetary demands are as much as it entails having them to alive easily. • Business economics is the personal research dedicated to the study of also have and you may request. [-ally adv.]

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