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We have a team of creative innovators with many years of experience in Technology.

About Client Niche

Branded items gives us the opportunity to work with your business in determining the most appropriate giveaways. We will work with your team to propose and agree on the right giveaways that will be appreciated by your customers, while enhancing brand recognition and market awareness. We have a pool of rare items that can be imprinted with the company name, logo, picture or message designed to increase brand awareness among consumers.

Based on feedback from our existing customers, Promotional products are incredibly powerful marketing tool that enables any brand to connect with consumers by engaging their senses. Our choice of promo items is based on careful selection from our pool of items and we also do custom design of items based on your existing brand

We love to see your company standout amongst your competitors.


Company Profile

Clientniche is a gifting company focused on growing customer relationship and increasing retention for our valued clients.

Over the years, we’ve helped numerous clients grow their business by providing exceptional technology, sales, and branding solutions through the creativity of our innovators. As an experienced company in the industry, we strive not only to be innovators but also to ensure that your company earns continuous patronage of its products and services from customers.

How do you feel when someone appreciates you for the effort you make? It feels nice, doesn’t it? That’s the kind of feeling you would like your customers to associate with you.

We believe that the customers are live-wires of a thriving business and every organization that desires continuous growth shouldn’t fail to appreciate them. This is our specialty at ClientNiche – helping our clients develop their businesses by:

  • Growing customer relationship 
  • Enhancing customer retention and
  • Improving appreciation.

Benefits for Brand Awareness

Branding your product can improve the return on your advertising and marketing budget. Communicating the same messages and using brand elements such as logos, colors, packaging and graphics consistently helps to reinforce brand qualities.

A strong brand can help you launch new products or enter new market sectors. Giving new products the brand elements and qualities that customers recognize and trust reduces the risk of failure.

Small businesses that develop strong brands build preference for their products. When consumers are faced with choices in a store, they typically will favor a brand they have purchased before and trust, according to BrandXpress.

Branding can help you increase your revenue and grow your customer base. By promoting your brand consistently, you can move prospects and customers through different levels of brand familiarity.

A strong brand can help protect market share and create barriers to entry for new competitors.

Steps to order

Choose your items from our pool of products from the website, include your quantity, upload your logo or what you wish to brand on the items and request for quote on the website.

Client niche will send you a quote based on your Request.

We will send you our invoice after you have given us the final approval.

Once you have selected the products and uploaded your logo, request for a digital proof to see the virtual look of your item. We have our pros in-house who will design or sketch your product and bring it to life and also if you already have it, then we will proceed to produce.

We will start the production of your products, keeping in mind that time is important to you. We will also take note of when the items are needed.

Delivery will be done immediately after production. Delivery date will be communicated in the quote. Delivery and duration depends on the particular product you are branding.

For our value added services, please send your request to our email info@clientniche.com and one of our sales team will get in touch with you.

What can we do for you ?

Our 24/7 Customer Support team is ready and waiting to serve you.

We are determined to offer you, our valued customer, not only exceptional quality with regards to our products but we are also able to let you rest in the knowledge that you will be receiving the best service possible

With a full suite of global, urgent and same-day delivery services, we have the ability to optimize solutions for nearly every shipment.

Call (+234) 818 818 8832 / (+234) 817 311 6416 if you want to speak to customer service

  • Creative thinkers
  • Customer service savvy representatives
  • Communication experts
  • Experienced call centers agent
  • Sales and marketing strategist

Our business culture is underpinned by these core values:

  • Professionalism
  • Customer focus
  • Excellence
  • Transparency
  • Accountability

We serve individuals, government, and corporate organizations

  • Individuals who wishes to celebrate their inner circles.
  • Individuals who wishes to celebrate their inner circles (families) periodically.
  • Individuals who wants to brand a gift item.
  • Companies who wants to appreciate their employees periodically.
  • Organization that cherishes continual growth.
  • Organization lacking the expertise to implement customer appreciation strategy.
  • Our years of experience count
  • We guarantee increased customer loyalty
  • Increased value in the market for a stronger competitive advantage
  • Increased referrals and profits
  • Our services are cost-effective
  • Guarantee brand awareness

Our Vision

Our vision is to be the number 1 outsourced customer relationship and Retention Company in Africa enhancing business growth of our clients.

What we do?

We provide outsourced customer relationship and retention service which allows our clients to focus on their core business.

How we think

We believe with our experience that the art of gift and appreciation is part of the keys to success in any business globally.

Who we serve

ClientNiche provides our unique services to companies, governments and individuals.

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We offer worldwide shipping, custom services and secure shopping experience.

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