Niche Birthday

This is our innovative subscription service, focused on recognition and appreciation of your esteemed clients, employees or children on their birthdays. We devise the means of creating a sense of excitement around the individual’s birthday. In this package, your clients, employees or children will experience a sense of connection with your business. We are able to achieve that through the delivery of:

  • Creatively personalized birthday messages
  • Gifts befitting a birthday celebration
  • Unique customized gift items and more………

And like any great relationship, the affection can’t just be a one-way. It’s pretty safe to say that no brand has ever suffered from showing some love back to their customers. It is impossible
The amazing thing about customer appreciation is it takes many forms. It can be in giving away expensive items, but can be also having a staff that remembers first names and frequent purchases. This is one of the many ways a brand can make customers feel it cares about them.

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