Niche Holidays

This is our targeted subscription service focused on gifting for clients during special holidays like Sallah, New Year, Christmas, Easter, and Worker’s day. Etc.

We believe that by doing this, it will be your little way of appreciating their support for your business over time. And more often than not, this means of appreciation usually guarantees more customers loyalty.

In order to make your clients feel like they are special, you have to become something special as well. If you have a storefront it needs to always be picked up, clean, and well displayed. You need the right lighting, music, and even temperature to entice your clients and customers to stay longer and shop more. Use special wrapping paper and wrap gifts for them during holidays. Do anything and everything to make your store or business top notch and extra special because your customers deserve it.

If you conduct your business on-line instead of in a physical location, keep your website and mobile websites updated. Make it as easy as possible to conduct business with you by making changes and updates when necessary.

One way to help your clients feel valued is to turn the tables and become their customer. If your clients also have businesses or products, keep them in mind when you need services or products they have available.

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